We are now requiring that plan submittals be in PDF format, full size, all pages bound into one file.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Writer.  No Autocad dwg files will be accepted. 

After you log in, you will be taken to a welcome page for the airport to which your project is associated. To view the status of your project, click the appropriate button in the navigational menu on your left for Project Central. (If you have access to more than one project, you will see a list of projects sorted by the name of the airport.)

The Project Central page will give you important information about the status of your project. It includes:

  1. Information on the location, space number, lease type, construction type, and rent commencement date
  2. Contact information for the tenant coordinator and the tenant architect
  3. A progress bar to visually represent how far along the document submission process is, at present
  4. A list of all documents which have been submitted, along with descriptions and comments
  5. A button at the bottom to quickly reach the document submission page

Each document submitted can include posted comments; to see those, click the Show Posts button. You can post new comments to the list (in a discussion format) by click the status link in the right column.

You can download any document by clicking the name in the central column.

1.  Under the Document History, click on the status type for the document the discussion pertains to. 

2.  A dialog box will appear.  Type in the title of the post.  This is a required field.

3.  Type your comments under the descriptive comments box.

4.  Click on the Save button.

1.  With Adobe Acrobat Writer open, go to the Tasks toolbar. 

2.  Select the Create PDF dropdown menu and select From Multiple Files.

3.  A dialog box will appear.  Go to the Add Files section, and click on Browse.

4.  Choose the files you wish to bind, then click the Add button.

5.  The files you selected will appear in the Files to Combine box.

6.  You may reorder the files by selecting and draging the files to the appropriate placement.

7.  Click the OK button, and your mutilple files are bound into one PDF file.

8.  Save the new bound document.